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May 30, 2020

Homeopathy & Skin diseases

Skin… our most protective layer of body. Any morphological changes or disease of skin not only harm us physically but distress ourselves emotionally. Everyone wish to have flawless and clean skin throughout their life. But the causative factors like any infection or syctemic diseases lead to skin affections. Skin diseases can occur due to factor – Viral, Bacterial or fungal infection,Nutritional deficiency, Auto immune disease or secondary lesion to any systemic diseases.
A lot of conventional and Allopathic options are available to treat skin diseases. Ointments, antihistamine tablets, and antibacterial medications, though effective, often provide temporary relief. In many cases, it has been observed that in due course of time, the problems tend to relapse and also people may face side effects of these treatment. Sometimes people are sensitive to modern medicine and ask for alternative treatment.
Skin affections mostly express in following signs :







Cut or ulcers etc.

There are numerous skin disorders and always been difficult to find exact diagnosis. According to Homeopathic study Skin disorders are always interconnected with the mental harmony of indivual. Either some skin ailments come after long standing psychological state like stress, shock, grief etc or worsen the skin complaints and become a obstacles in cure.

Homeopathy is 200 year old scietifically proven stream of medical science and second most widely used method of treatment worldwide. There are many cases observed and treated miraculously by homeopathy…best results are shown in skin ailments in –

Allergic skin complaints
Eczema & Dermatitis
Viral infections
Fungal infections
Skin cancers
Herpes etc.

Homeopathy is based on principles and gives best results if chronic skin disorder treated with constitutional approach. Individually treating cases by considering signs and symptoms physically and the psychological state during suffering which is important to get complete cure.This
cure takes place within outwards if treated with homeopathic medicine and never suppresses. Hoemeopathy treats skin diseases from its roots and in most safe & harmless way.


Homeopathy & Skin diseases

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