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Health is all we are concerned about.

Dr Shilpa 's Homeopathy treatment is based on customized formula in all medicines sent to your doorstep all over India .
About Dr Shilpa

Dedicated to Hope, Healing, and Recovery.

Dr Shilpa having 14 + experience in Homeopathy , Bach flower medicine and completed Fellowship in Homeopathic Dermatology. Along with her specialization courses in Yoga, Nutrition, Stress management & Natural therapy , she offers perfect combination for fastest results in all health issues .

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Patients Consultations

Different approaches in alternative therapies gives natural & best results in Healing.

Believe in Homeopathy , it will never let you down

“Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.”


Exclusive Homeopathy Consultation and Medicines


We offer best treatment for all health problems with exclusively prepared medicine
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All Acute and Chronic Skin issues can be cured with Homeopathy Treatment.


Skin conditions like psoriasis , eczema , Allergy , Itching , Wounds shows fast healing with homeopathy medicines .
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Kids Health

Homeopathy pills are favorite medicine in all kids shows fast results without side effects.

Kids Health

Small kids , toddlers with under developed immune system suffers frequent illness and looking for safe medicine . Homeopathy is best.
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Visit your nearest hospital for consultation

Dr. Shilpa’s friendly nature makes every  patient comfortable during consultation which helps to understand complete picture of illness.

1. Sai Samruddhi Hospital , Kanjur Marg (E)

Tue - 11 AM to 1 PM

2. Oscar Multispeciality Hospital , Thane (W)

Thu -3 PM to 5 PM

3. Cure & Care Polyclinic , Thane (W)

Available By Appointment & call helpline for booking

4. Nandakashan Healthcare Clinic , Kalyan (W)

Mon 11.30 AM to 2 PM & Fri - 11.30 AM to 2 PM

What We treat

Understand Homeopathy power in Health issues

Weight Loss

Homeopathy goes to root of the problem and shows great results to reduce weight by burning calories

Kids Health

Homeopathic medicines relieve common and acute problems of children safely


Homeopathy offers best thyroid cure since treatment based on the person's individual constitution


Long term care experience a complete eradication of allergies is possible with homeopathy medicines


In classical homeopathy there are many combination which gives fast result on pain & inflammation

Psychological issue

Homeopathy gives great importance to mental health both in physical& mental illnesses

Skin Disease

Holistic approach of Homeopathy shows significant results in all type of chronic skin issues


PCOD health issue needs treatment for hormonal imbalance and homeopathy corrects naturally

Why Choose Us

We serve pan india with safe home delivery

Online consultation and brief case taking gives root cause of health issue and we send perfect combination of customized medicine at your doorstep .

Patient Centered

Dr Shilpa believes patient satisfaction is the first priority during consultation while taking brief history . Her team is always connected with each and every patient during treatment which offers personal touch and moral support .  

Successful Cases in Skin health

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